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About Makeean Polymers

Due to the nature of the Industry, Makeean Polymers cc can easily adapt (virtually on a daily basis) to satisfy the demand from a very broad base of customers.

Backed by a highly motivated and technically strong team, Wayne Macfarlane now heads the operation after his father’s untimely death. Although it’s Head Office and Plant is in Pretoria, Makeean Polymers cc operates throughout South Africa (with offices and warehouses in Cape Town & Durban).

Makeean Polymers cc also exports to various countries into Africa and around the world. Makeean Polymers Australia oversees the distribution of emulsions in Australasia. With large storage facilities (both raw materials and finished goods), Makeean Polymers cc is ready to face any challenge in an ever changing environment.

Makeean Polymers cc Vision

Makeean Polymers aims to exceed market expectations in providing quality products focusing on customer service and achieving continued improvement by:

Paint Industry

Makeean Supplies Polymers to various industries worldwide such industries include:

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